“Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all. It offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship and strengthen governance.”
​- Ban Ki-moon (former Secretary-General of the United Nations)​


Brydant takes the role of being an owner’s representative as if they had ownership interest. This philosophy of true fiduciary responsibility ensures that each project objective is achieved. We use a methodology of revenue-based development, in which revenues determine project budget and we hold design constraints to those parameters. Brydant treats every project as if it were their own regardless of equity interest.

As a client of Brydant, you can expect an integrated delivery process driven by Brydant’s Core Values of Excellence, Integrity, and Stewardship. Every project is delivered with the highest level of construction quality maintaining a strict cost containment structure and an on-time delivery with absolute transparency. Our expertise and experienced team brings confidence and manpower to even the most complex development projects.

Brydant’s team has industry leaders that can provide best-in-class solutions relating to the Building and Operational Sustainable Design (LEED APs in house), Project Financing, and Expedited Project Delivery. Brydant minimizes risks associated with entitlement, cost over runs, and delivery schedules.

Brydant typically utilizes a design build approach so that all parties involved are aligned and motivated to reach the goals of the end-user. This critical methodology also controls the project budget and removes the ability for cost overruns through change orders. In addition, all team members must submit value-engineering options, which creates added project efficiency and overall project value.

Brydant provides the client with true accountability and efficiency on Planning, Finance, Design, and Delivery. These 4 Components are fundamental for overall project value. Brydant provides these services from Concept to Completion.

The Brydant Development team offers a wide range of services and solutions to meet our clients’ needs:

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  • Every project has its own goals and objectives. Brydant takes the time to understand every aspect of the project including operational needs, design needs, revenue sources (comprehensive sources and uses analysis), sustainability requirements, financing needs, and project exit-strategy planning. This guided planning process is imperative for ultimate project success.

  • Cost modeling should be done as early as possible to ensure that design efforts have the end in mind with construction costs. Project efficient design and delivery include reducing labor costs, material types, and advanced delivery methods. Cost modeling establishes the baseline for each project to work from and should be an iterative process to increase overall value to the final product.

  • Our in-house site selection team is superior. With site selection for companies like BNSF, Dial Corporation, and Greyhound Bus Lines to name a few: we deliver sites that meet our client’s needs and requirements. Our connections with municipalities, economic development authorities and the local brokerage community utilized to bring all the available incentives, opportunities, and off-market sites.

  • With backgrounds in civil engineering and architecture, our firm has in-house expertise to ensure that the design process is completed with the end in mind and not without positive constraints. Efficient design is critical to maintaining efficient budgets and on-time delivery methods.

  • Brydant’s knowledge and delivery of a sustainable project start with its in-house LEED AP guidance and best-in-class methodologies. Brydant uses this expertise to guide systems, designs, products, technologies, and processes.

  • Brydant delivers realistic schedules that include every process, critical path components, and major milestone using best-in-class scheduling software and project administration team to drive the schedule for on-time delivery.

  • Depending on the project type and needs of our clients, Brydant will bring the best team to the table including design, construction, suppliers, and technologies. Qualification-based partnerships are first priority. Bringing the right manpower that is experienced in delivering similar product types, is critical to reduce risk through the entire process. This process includes sub-contractor bidding, value-engineering, negotiations, contracts, and selection.

  • Brydant partners with best-in-class move-in management companies to ensure a smooth transition or new facility set-up including FF&E, special systems, etc.

  • The quality of the final product is essential for long-term operations in a facility. Brydant ensures that all construction components have been delivered in perfect operational order or replaced/repaired if it doesn’t meet required standards.

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