The Brydant Real Estate Advisory team combines more than 100 years of Real Estate, Planning, Design, Construction, and Project Management experience to provide an unprecedented level of service and expertise to our clients. Our team provides assistance to businesses of all sizes and sectors to ensure a successful real estate strategy is deployed to support your immediate and long-term growth. We work directly with clients to fully understand their needs in order to administer a comprehensive range of services from preliminary studies, site selection, negotiation, acquisition and development phases of a project.

Brydant provides Advisory Services in the following three main areas:

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Corporate Advisory

While the traditional Real Estate Brokerage community seeks to expediently acquire, dispose, or lease commercial real estate, they often fail to focus on the true needs of the client instead, often focusing too much on the fee they will acquire for their service.

Our primary focus is to comprehensively analyze a client’s business to assess and create a strategy that best serves our client’s business objectives.

Bydant Advisory Advantage background

The Brydant Corporate Advisory team offers a wide range of services and solutions to meet our clients’ needs:

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  • Brydant’s Design-Build Advantage provides an industry-leading team to support the development of the optimal facility for your needs.  For more information please visit our Design Build Advantage page.

  • The question of whether to lease or own operational facilities is at the forefront of the decision making process for business leaders in all market sectors. Brydant’s ability to understand the operational needs of our clients truly sets us apart from traditional real estate brokers. Our goal is to position our clients in the most efficient way to address current space needs and economically plan for future growth.
    Our experienced team of real estate and financial experts will conduct a thorough analysis on the following:

    • Existing space analysis
    • Future needs analysis
    • Current/Future Local Market Evaluation
    • Ownership Incentive Summary
    • Lease/Own Cost Analysis
    • Cost of Ownership Review
    • Financial Market Evaluation
    • Exit Strategy Evaluation
  • The Brydant team keeps a constant pulse on the local real estate market to ensure that clients locate strategically, economically, and efficiently.

    In addition to a thorough assessment of the client’s needs, our team evaluates all facets of the local market to include:

    • Economic Incentives
    • Property Tax Impacts
    • Submarket Current and Projected Growth
    • Competition Identification
    • Labor Analysis
    • Demographic Research
  • In addition to Brydant’s experience in construction, development, and civil engineering, our strategic partnerships combine to provide a one stop shop for the planning, design, construction and management of clients’ new facilities.

  • The Advisory team in conjunction with our Development team creates conceptual project estimates based on current and historical material and labor benchmarks in order to ensure client’s projects are appropriately budgeted and modeled for success.

  • Leveraging decades of experience in construction and billions of dollars in developments, Brydant provides a streamlined process to align and prepare clients for the construction phase of their project. Services include:

    • Qualifying Contractors, Subcontractors, Vendors, Service Providers
    • Bid Procurement
    • Contract Negotiations
    • Contract Award
  • Our engineering and design management services range from procurement, architect/engineer management, value engineering, plan review, through Issued for Construction plan approvals.

  • With the success of a project often hinging on securing project financing, our team of experts offers underwriting support to ensure your project is presented in the most effective manner to the financial markets.

    • Negotiation Strategies
    • Marketing (Sales & Leasing)
    • Lease Renewals
    • Acquisition Representation
    • Disposition Representation
    • Landlord Representation
    • Tenant Representation
    • Strategic Option and Right of First Refusal Negotiation
    • Temporary Interests
      • Construction Easements
      • Staging Areas
      • Short Term Leases
    • Easement and Right of Way Acquisition
    • Due Diligence Management
      • Title Review
      • Title Curative
      • Escrow
      • Survey
      • Environmental
      • Geotechnical
      • Escrow
  • Through the analysis of client’s current portfolios, capital expansion plans, and disposition forecasts, the Brydant Advisory Team provides management services to successfully deploy disposition and reinvestment strategies nationwide.

  • When a new build is not economical or feasible, we seek to optimize existing space through retrofitting and modernization. Through analysis of your existing operation, our team can develop new efficiencies and layouts to re-purpose an existing site at the fraction of the cost of new construction.

  • With over $1.3B in construction experience, we are committed to the oversight and management of budgets, schedules and quality control. From pre-construction through certificate of occupancy, our team takes the burden off the client by managing the entire construction process to include: quality control, budget compliance, submittals, scope amendments, vendor payments, and inspections.

  • The Brydant Advisory team possesses decades of experience related to zoning regulations, entitlements, urban planning, foreign trade zones and municipal codes. Our proven track record of attaining the necessary approvals to successfully complete your project will ensure a smooth transition from the planning phases of a project into construction.

  • Brydant and its strategic partner offer more than 42 years of experience with the Foreign Trade Zone program and the team are long time members of the National Association of Foreign Trade Zones. They have assisted the structuring of hundreds of foreign trade zone projects nationwide.

    A Bono Fide User can obtain a site approval within 30 to 45 days, sometimes even faster.

    Below are Selected FTZ Custom Benefits:

    • Inverted Duties
    • Improved Cash Flow
    • Zone to Zone Transfers
    • Destruction of Scrap/Waste/Obsolete Material
    • Weekly Customs Entries
      • Processing Fee Savings
      • Customs Brokerage Expense Savings
      • Paperwork Reduction
    • Staged Duty Reductions

Public Benefit Facilities

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    • Market Study Analysis
    • Preliminary Revenue Projections
    • Prepare Preliminary Site Analysis and Conceptual Plan
    • Preliminary Cost Estimate
    • Preliminary Programming & Project Schedule
    • Project Feasibility (Project Proforma)
    • Preliminary Financial Underwriting & Structure
    • Go/No-Go
    • Plan & Execute Entitlements
    • Design Drawings Completion and Early Package Design Completion
    • Reimbursable Schedule
    • Construction GMP
    • Design Build Agreement
    • Prepare Ground Lease
    • Management Agreements
    • Facility Use Agreements
    • Design Development / Plans & Specifications Completion
    • Budget & Schedule Completion
    • IDA Approvals
    • TEFRA Hearing
    • Council Approvals
    • Attorney Certifications
    • All Agreements Executed
    • Executed Ground Lease & facility Use Agreement
    • Reconciled Reimbursable Schedule
    • Project Funding Completion (Closing)
    • Pre-Construction Services
    • Construction Administration
    • FF&E (IT, Phones, Furniture, Equipment, Move In, etc.)
    • Construction Management Oversight to Ensure Schedule & Quality
    • Building Lifecycle Maintenance Management
    • Tax Compliance
    • Reserve Management

Land Use Analysis

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