Corporate Facilities

All-inclusive Corporate Development Services
     – Feasibility Studies
     – Site Selection
     – Entitlement
     – Facility Planning
     – Sustainable Design
     – Contract Negotiations
     – Contract Management
     – Project Financing
     – Project Management
     – Transition Management
     – Foreign Trade-zones
     – Zoning
     – Cost Segregation




Brydant as your Development Partner
Financing is the foundation of every project. Brydant understands the various financing models available and exhausts every possible scenario to deliver the best financial model and terms for the project at hand. Not using a Development Partner can result in potential unmanaged critical path responsibilities, inadequate design, over expenditures, and compromised quality. This is a result of no accountability and lack of comparable construction expertise. Poor design, change orders, and construction duration over runs can break a project budget and impact the client’s ability to focus on and execute their core business objectives. Having an adequate design, project schedule, and contract that protects the owner is critical for the desired outcome.
Just as an organization wouldn’t walk into a court room without counsel and representation, a corporation should not walk into a multi-million dollar investment without the representation and management of an expert with decades of experience, education, and certifications. 

We work with our clients to assist in the finance model, design process, select the most suitable contractors, and manage the development process from start to finish. Our approach delivers the most optimal design, superior quality, and on-time delivery possible, while minimizing the risks that come with new development.

Prior and Existing Projects:

Corp Dev_Brooklyn Bedding

Production & Distribution Facility
Brooklyn Bedding
Phoenix, AZ
145,000 SF 

Todays Patio 19th Ave

Distribution & Outlet Facility
Today’s Patio
Phoenix, AZ
100,000 SF 

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