Design-Build Advantage

Brydant’s Design-Build Advantage approach allows for expedited project execution while completely addressing a client’s needs and delivering a facility perfectly tailored to optimize operations without creating functional obsolescence for a future user, thus creating a valuable asset for your balance sheet. A single point of accountability created through a merger of real estate, architecture, engineering, and construction provides a seamless and stress free process for the client. Our clients will find that the Brydant Design-Build Advantage economizes and streamlines a project by providing a single point of contact to take a project from site selection, acquisition, design and through construction phases to maximize efficiencies, time, and money.

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The Brydant Design-Build Advantage can be utilized through a variety of approaches dependent on the client’s needs:

Design-Build Own

The Brydant Design-Build Advantage team facilitates the construction of a custom facility to meet a client’s needs and desires while creating a unique space to differentiate them from the competition. Our team of real estate specialists will conduct site selection in order to position a client for success. Once the site has been secured, the Brydant Design Team, in conjunction with its partners, will work directly with the client to design the optimal facility. A single point of contact will serve as your conduit to ensure your architecture, engineering, and preconstruction needs are met. Following design and permitting, Brydant’s Construction Team will ensure the facility is constructed to spec, on time, and within budget.


Design-Build Lease

In some instances, a business may require a custom-built solution to optimize efficiency and profitability but lacks the capital to own the asset. Through our partnerships in the investment community, Brydant offers clients the ability to construct a custom facility without the overhead of ownership. By aligning a takeout buyer for the building, Brydant merges landlords and client-tenants to bring a design build solution to fruition. Additionally, a client may secure an option to purchase the asset once the increased profitability from the asset has been realized.

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Design-Build Retrofit

(Own or Lease)

Starting from the ground up on a new build is not the solution for every client. Through our retrofit specialists, Brydant can re-purpose an existing facility to tailor it to a client’s operational needs. Enjoy all of the perks of a traditional design-build with a lower capital barrier to entry, expedited construction timelines, and captured equity through improvement of an existing facility.

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