The Brydant Foundation was established to focus on helping children, women, men, and families that are in need to provide hope and solutions both locally and globally. Employing the same strategies that Brydant uses for investments, we seek out successful programs around the country with proven, measurable success, strong leadership and the ability to scale for the greatest impact.  Brydant donates 10% of all earnings to the Brydant Foundation for disbursement to these organizations.

We are currently supporting:

Child Crisis Centers
A safe house for abused or neglected children where they are loved, protected, taught, and given an opportunity to create a bright future despite their present circumstances.

Streetlight USA
Partnering with private corporations, public law makers, law enforcement, human services, and faith-based organizations Streetlight USA is making a collective impact that is interrupting the victimization of adolescent girls by the sex trade and perpetrators posing as individuals who care. They are helping girls find a new way forward so they can become independent, confident and successful young women.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers
For over 30 years, CPC has been serving women who are facing a crisis pregnancy by exploring the choice that she is considering for her unborn child, and herself; and then moving forward to help her look at all the options (abortion, carrying to term, parenting, and adoption) in a safe, factual, truthful, and caring environment.

Fresh Start Re-Entry Program
A program to empower, train, and reintegrate former inmates back into society and their families as healthy, confident, and productive members of society. In addition, services are extended to children and families where the parents of those children have been incarcerated. 


To submit your non-profit organization’s support request to Brydant, please send information to:

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